Ch 1- “Preparing for Writing” Thoughts & Opinions

Notes and Thoughts from:
“Public Relations: Writing and Media Techniques” by Dennis Wilcox
(I use the 5th edition, in case you see references to page numbers 😉 )

In chapter one, I thought it was interesting that there was a section about how they screen applicants by administering a current events quiz. I think this a great way to determine who is up to date with the most important and well-known news stories. I am going to look around online and see if I can find some current-event-quizzes and maybe see where I rank! If I am successful at finding one, I will post it up so you guys can see where you rank!

On pages 20-21, there is a list of websites to use as resources for researching materials. These range from news websites to databases. It includes sources such as the Britannica Encyclopedia and Ulrich’s Periodical Databases. You definitely want to dog-ear these pages- I know I did!! That will be a great place for me to get some reliable references when I am writing something for class or work. Page 24 includes even more websites especially for anything related to PR!

Page 26 has an interesting take on how to change up your “spiffy” language, to more common or average terms, which appeals more to “common folk,” as well as higher professionals. It’s great to have a voice when you write, but with certain types of publications, you have to stick a type of formula to develop work that can be instantly published, with little or no editing. This could really help me because I type like I talk, which isn’t always a good thing :o)

I recognize “Gobbledygook” as one of my top ten favorite words :o) haha


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