PR Connections 1

“Top 10 Facebook Pages and Why They are Successful”
By Amy Porterfield
August 31, 2010
Located at:

So today I read a PR blog on “The Social Media-Examiner” about the Top 10 Facebook Pages and Why They are Successful and found it very interesting and wanted to share it with you guys! It’s a quickie article with lots of pictures (for you slackers out there 😉 ) HOWEVER, the little bit of information this blog shares, packs a BIG punch! There are many useful and unique tips to consider when networking, creating your community, getting to know your audience, and creating new ways to help your consumers generate ideas with you (the company) to have a more successful communication as a business-consumer relationship! When you check out the article you will notice a variety of companies including Red Bull, Burt’s Bees, LiveScribe, Coke, Oreo (yum!), The Twighlight Saga and Travel Channel, showing the diversity of types of business the tips can help! As you read, you will notice the bold sentences (tips), of which I will share a few of my favorites here:

  • Red Bull has the “Procrastination Station” on their fan page- which includes games, cartoons, movies, etc. Even when fans visit their page and are done reading up on Red Bull, the company is still able to engage the customer and keep them on their webpage, allowing the extended time spent “procrastinating” to absorb ads and product placement within the game/movie/cartoon content. Very clever! And Fun!
  • LiveScribe allows you to buy directly from the Facebook site when they advertise new products, allows you to communicate with other users of that product or brand and get feedback on the quality, as well as post your comments about product.  Thats a great way to make sure you, as the consumer, feel like you are making a valid buy and creating a community of people you can go to if you consider buying, want to talk about your experiences with the product, and get help for any problems you find with the product.
  • So if you are anything like some of the people I know, who are forever taking pictures of themselves on their cells, you will love what Coca-Cola is doing on their fan page! You can take a picture of yourself, sporting a Coke (or Diet Coke, in my case haha) and post your picture to Coca-Cola’s web page and all their fans can vote on your picture to be specially featured in other areas of the site or during promotions. Its a fun way to get your consumers involved in something they do a billion times a day anyways.

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2 Responses to PR Connections 1

  1. snarwold says:

    The first thing that attracted me to your PR Connection of course was the word Facebook! So I thought why not click on the article and read more about it. I was shocked when I read the top ten most popular Facebook pages. However, after looking at Number 5, Uno Chigaco Grill’s Facebook page I can understand why they’re so popular. Their menu makes me want to immediatley jump on a plane to Chicago. Another page that I was shocked to see on the top ten list was Toy Story 3. I can now understand why it’s a top contender after finding out that if you visit the site you can not only turn yourself into an animated toy, but you can also buy your movie ticket while you are visiting the site. I mean honestly who wouldn’t want to see themselves as an animated toy? I am hands down logging onto Facebook and adding Toy Story as one of my pages

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