PR Connection #2- “PR Trends for 2010″

“PR Trends for 2010,” by Christine Perkett- Full article found on link below.

At the above link you will find a news story from Small Biz Trends, which talks about the trends that were expected to take place  this year within our field of Public Relations! Since 2010 is coming to an end, I thought this was a good way to compare what was expected in our field and what actually went on. I found this article interesting and thought I would share it here with you guys!

The article talks about how PR is ever-changing and expanding, especially with the help  of social media. The article states, Social media helps PR executives to build more new relationships, across a wider landscape and in a sustainable fashion never before possible. Everyone is busy and social media enables professionals to maintain ongoing, quality relationships with influencers, media, customers and partners regardless of where they are or how much time they have for the golf course.

The article continues by talking about how PR Practitioners can influence social media networks, “…They can begin to directly influence audiences in their own right. They can demonstrate how they truly understand (and care about) the products, services or industries that they (or their clients) work with each day.”

The article also takes a look at how most people think “anybody can do social media” and PR,  and acknowledges that, “PR professionals who are good at what they do still have a special knack for understanding psychologies of effective messaging and relationship building, the intricacies of good timing and the difference between effective promotion and positioning and outright spamming.”

I find it important to keep in mind some of the negative connotations that go along with PR, so that we, as practitioners, can combat these weaknesses. Here is a excerpt from the article discussing some of the major issues: One of the traditional complaints about PR is that it’s a lot of fluff, spin… or given other negative connotations otherwise implying ‘BS.’ Another top complaint – by journalists, mostly – is that PR executives don’t understand who they’re pitching, what to pitch or why.”


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