T.O.W. 4–> Reaction to NEWSU, “Cleaning Your Copy”

Poynter, News University’s “Cleaning Your Copy” -available at:


This course was based around the four topics of: Grammar, AP Style, Punctuation and Spelling.

I learned….that you only use abbreviations like Ave., Blvd., and St., with a numbered address (as according to the Associated Press Style Book). I also learned that you don’t put a comma after a persons name if they are a Jr. or a Sr.

I was surprised…or rather, I am sure I would be surprised, if I knew just how many common mistakes I make using the words which/that and Lay/Lie. I know the difference and have known the difference, but when it was pointed out to me again in this course, I realized I need to make sure and pay attention to that, because it’s so easy to be thinking and typing at a 1,000 miles a hour and make a simple mistake like that.

I want to know more about… words that are commonly misspelled. I am a decent speller, but I know there are a few words- that no matter how many times I use and write it and get the corrected spelling- I always seem to forget and refer back to the little red squiggly line (funny thing- it actually just showed up under the word ‘squiggly,’ but I corrected it- so, HA! 🙂 )


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