T.O.W. 1 –> Social Media

The types of social media that I am currently using include: Word Press (I have two accounts that were made for classes); A Blog Spot blog, that I haven’t updated in a while (for personal use); I used to have a MySpace, but now I am strictly a “FaceBook-er”; I used to use AIM, wayyy back in the day, but tend to just stick to my GSU and Yahoo emails for keeping in touch.

Like I said, I use my blogs for class, and the one I did have for personal use, I don’t get to update as often as I’d like, which leads to me ultimately just forgetting about it. I dropped my MySpace mostly because all my friends had become more active on FaceBook and I lost touch with the few people I had kept in touch with separately on MySpace. FaceBook has almost become my single go-to social networking site, virtually wiping out my need for email except for signing up for online stuff, or using my school account. FaceBook makes it easy to keep in touch with those far away from me (because I have lived in 5 states in the past 4 years!), but it makes people closer in reach, lose touch just because your life is right there for them to see and catch up on- so, they never really have to talk to YOU and catch up–> lame!


About misslowoodward

loves a good bike ride, cooking a tasty vegetarian meal, planting flowers, walking the dog, and making art (and cupcakes!) :o)
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