T.O.W. 2, part 1–> Grammar Girl

This  week  our class visited Grammar Girls website, http://grammar.quickanddirtytips.com/default.aspx, and were instructed to read a blog, or listen to a pod-cast of hers, in an area of grammar that is troublesome to us. So, I read the article at, http://grammar.quickanddirtytips.com/active-voice-versus-passive-voice.aspx, called , “Active Voice Verses Passive Voice.” Using the three pronged approach, I am going to let you in on my experience, reading this article:

What I learned

  • Active Voice-“In an active sentence, the subject is doing the action…Example: Steve loves Amy.”
  • Passive Voicethe target of the action gets promoted to the subject position…Example: Amy is loved by Steve.”
  • What surprised me…Even though passive voice is often not appropriate to use, an example I didn’t think of, of the times you do find passive voiced used in an acceptable manner, can be found in political speeches. This is a blurb I took from the article about passive voice in relation to politics:

    • “Politicians often use passive voice to intentionally obscure the idea of who is taking the action. Ronald Reagan famously said, ‘Mistakes were made,’ when referring to the Iran-Contra scandal. Other examples of passive voice for political reasons could include ‘Bombs were dropped,’ and ‘Shots were fired.'”

    What I want to know more about…I want to know more about how to use passive voice in an appropriate way, in which you can use it to enhance your written “voice” and create a bigger emotional impact.


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