T.O.W. 8–> The Lead Lab Reaction!

News University’s The Lead Lab–> Reactions:


What I learned…

There are two types of leads:

Delayed (when audience already knows the news, but wants a story)

  • Summary– Sums up with “5W’s +How”
  • Analysis– Analyzes events

Direct (includes most important information first)

  • Round Up– “Round Up” examples to demonstrate a trend
  • Emblem– Put a face on social problem, use individual’s experience
  • Significant Detail– Close up of an interesting detail
  • Anecdotal– Starts with a scene or quote

What Surprised Me…

I found a fun way to work on my leads without actually “doing work.” The Lead Lab suggests to work on your leads, to look at leads in sources like the New York Times and analyze them. By doing this, you can better understand the patterns publications use in making their leads. You may also find yourself better understanding how to organize the structure of your leads, controlling the amount of breaths it will take to read through your lead, and recognizing the most important information to include!

What I Want to Know More About…

More about “Myths” in making a good lead. The website mentions four myths, which were:

  • Leads must never begin with a quote
  • Leads must always contain attribution
  • A good lead is never more than 3-4 lines long
  • A lead must sum up the story in a paragraph


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