PR Connection #4–> NetFlix!

Netflix Hires Actors to Pose as its Canada Fans” by Michael Liedtke, original article can be found at:

This article is about how Netflix’s hired a group of actors as part of a street celebration they were hosting in Canada, who ended up being filmed in interviews, playing stereotypical roles of Netflix audience members. The situation was allegedly part of Netflix’s faux-documentary they were filming, said to fulfill a permit they were required to have. They didn’t realize the impact the exposure of these actors would have on their viewing audience until the actors were found out about.

The reason I posted this article is because it makes me think about the importance of recovering from bad publicity. It’s something none of us want to deal with, however, when it happens, it is good to know the best ways to recover from a PR blunder. In my Law and Ethics of Mass Communication class, we learn that some of the ways you can go about correcting such a situation include: correcting what was said wrong, retracting false/negative statements, apologizing for the frowned-upon situation, or if it is an individual, they can seek out a self-help theory- like using broadcasted media to show their side of the story.

I would love to hear your feedback for other ways we can recover from media-blunders and tips for recovering from bad PR!


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