T.O.W. 7–> Week of Twitter!

My Twitter Name: lowoodward

In my Public Relations Online Writing class, or PRCA 3330, we were assigned to to use Twitter at least 20 times within about a week’s span. The goal was to let us connect with classmates, teachers, professionals, and new sources we were interested in and see how this social media site could be a potentially helpful tool for us PR kids. I have done this experiment before and my results this second time around are barely better. Here is what I found, this time around:

The Good:

I feel like Twitter, as opposed to other social media sites, offers you a better way of connecting with individuals/groups in media that you are interested in. Twitter is unique in it’s ability for basically, instant feedback. This is handy for groups such as news stations to post polls, direct viewers to links and guide users to related sites.

The Bad:

The only social media I really use is Facebook, so using Twitter just seems redundant because it is essentially just posting a very limited status or news update. It seems less personable because its more about posting what you find interesting, or news worth, and less about the individual. This however, could also be a plus to some.

The Ugly:

I still don’t care for Twitter! I do see the benefits of using it to connect with peers and professionals, but I just don’t have the time for it. I don’t “tweet” from my phone and don’t have internet at home (where I take care of my sweet lil ‘ol soon-to-be 94 yr old “Nana”) so when I do sign on the internet, my only spare “surf-time” goes to a quickie Facebook check to keep in contact with the friends I have made over the 5 states I have lived in the past 5 years, or a stumble for a quick bit to learn something new. Maybe when I  have less school and Nana-sitting to attend to, I can fully indulge in not just Twitter, but LinkedIn and that new Flowtown site.


About misslowoodward

loves a good bike ride, cooking a tasty vegetarian meal, planting flowers, walking the dog, and making art (and cupcakes!) :o)
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