Ch 8 –> ” Pitch Letters, Advisories, Media Kits, and Op-Ed” Thoughts & Opinions

Notes and Thoughts from:
“Public Relations: Writing and Media Techniques” by Dennis Wilcox
(I use the 5th edition, in case you see references to page numbers ;))

What I learned…

  • “Pitch letters must be customized to a particular editor and publication.” (pg 204)
  • Media alerts announce the time and location of press conferences. (pg 210)

What surprised me…

  • “You have about 60 seconds to grab an editor’s interest.” (pg 205)
  • “Media kits represent a valuable opportunity to get publicity placements, but several surveys of editors indicate that such kits often miss the mark.” (pg 219)
  • “The next best thing to an op-ed article is a published letter.” (pg 226)

What I want to know more about…

  • Since there are so many different variations of press kits, I want to know if there is a website that shows examples of unique press kits and what products/information they provided.
  • What can you do to make electronic media kits more interactive?

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