PR Connection #6–> Ericsson Multimedia


This is a neat video I came across on, as released by Ericsson Multimedia, featuring Jeffery Cole. They present some interesting views of how our media relationships with consumers are changing, especially as Cole says, “…technology changes our lives.” He discusses how we must respond to it, in order to obtain the highest quality information, as well as good relationships and progressive feedback from viewers.

The emphasis in this video is on advertising, but some of the concepts still transcend into public relations. For example, Cole talks about how user-generate content throws advertising off guard. Nowadays, you have so much user-generated content that people are more concerned about creating their own “news,” than researching the actual news that is taking place right in front of them. For a PR practitioner, the question then becomes, how can you reach that audience?

Another interesting point the video makes is how advertisements (on TV/internet/etc…) are talked about so horribly by people who just despise them, however when given the option to pay a fee and opt out of advertisements, there is actually a smaller percentage than you would think would rather not pay and just give up a few seconds for an ad, before proceeding their original mission. It makes a good point that as long as people aren’t willing to pay, advertising will be around for a LONG time.


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