T.O.W. 6–> What Makes A Story Newsworthy??

This week’s topic asks, “What makes a story newsworthy?”

According to http://www.mediacollege.com/journalism/news/newsworthy.html, five components make a story newsworthy. Below I list those five things Media College says and give my own interpretation of what the terms mean.

  1. Timing- Something new and relevant, that still demands interest, or has the potential to spark new interest.
  2. Significance- How many people will be affected by the impact your information provides?
  3. Proximity- Stories that “hit close to home” make us care more about what is written. This means that we value stories that either took place within a close distance from us, or stories that take place within our culture, or lifestyles.
  4. Prominence- The importance or relevance of the information. Someone you know dies, they get a small obituary in the local paper; someone famous dies and its all over every paper and news channel.
  5. Human Interest- Stories on topics that have a more open time limit to their relevance, because of the emotional impact they make. An article on slavery from the 1700s, for example, still causes emotional stirring in individuals, thus demanding interest.

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