PR Connection #7–> Public Relation Careers

This video discusses careers in Public Relations, what skills and qualifications it takes to obtain those jobs and courses to have considered to be a part of your Public Relations career.

I thought this video could help anyone who had not previously considered which areas of PR interest them the most or seem most practical based on their best skills. In conjunction with this video, I included a list of jobs that a public relations major may want to consider (full list available at
  • Advertising Media Planners- responsible for how the messages are delivered to consumers, whether through TV, newspaper, radio, magazine, or online.
  • Media Traffic Personnel pick the media channel to best suit the delivery of a message to consumers, then purchase the space and time required to run that campaign/advertisement/release.
  • Copywriters & Illustrators- create the actual writing and graphics used for advertising
  • Director of Advertising/PR-Plans, creates, produces and budgets all parts of advertisement or PR campaign, excluding sales- as well as, overseeing all parts of advertisement, or public relations team.
  • Public Relation Specialist- Manages all public relations for an organization. They research an organization’s programs and campaigns to match their target audiences; maintain ways to generate public interest; promote community involvement, and find new & innovative ways to interact with their audiences.
  • Account Executive- manages the entire account. Their job includes planning, creating and producing ad campaigns. Based on customer feedback and sales, they can determine and communicate customer advertising needs to the rest of the agency.

Also, from, is an article called, “10 Most Popular Majors and Why They Pay” and guess who’s on it!?! Click on link to see……or just scroll down past the link ;o)

– Communications (includes PR) **Beginning Salary- $30,921
((and in case it’s of interest, or you’re like me and have a minor in:))
-Marketing- **Beginning Salary- $59,471

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