What are they?

  • “Information graphics or infographics are visual representations of information, data or knowledge. These graphics are used where complex information needs to be explained quickly and clearly.” -Doug Newsom and Jim Haynes (2004). Public Relations Writing: Form and Style. p.236

How could one be useful in a story for your client?

  • Visual elements can be appealing to the eye which can help sell your idea or persuade your audience. Visual aids also help make for better understanding when dealing with an in-depth stories with lots of details, statistics, or figures. They can also be a way of advertising for your client by making the visual elements memorable and catchy.

How do you go about creating one?

  • Pick the information in your story that has a lot of details or  needs a moment of mental digest when you read it in just plain text. It’s this same information your client or audience will also probably stumble over. Usually this happens for me when I read and a bunch of numbers and statistics get thrown my way, and lets face it- no one likes a “Plain-Jane” bar graph or pie chart. So, spice up the information you will be presenting! InfoGraphics give you the chance to be more in depth visually and actual allow you to “paint a picture” for your client/audience. Often times when I see InfoGraphics in advertising, they come in the form of a puzzle,  maze or product-to-product comparison; when I see these ads, I am usually more responsive because I can gather better information. That that into account when designing your InfoGraphics! 🙂

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