T.O.W. 12 –> Pod Cast!

This week I visited a website called, http://www.onlineprpodcast.com/ and visited the #48 Podcast, from 10.15.10, about “PURL’s,” or Personalized URL’s. The two men talking on the podcast talk about how they can set up your website and use PURL’s as a way of personalizing  messages towards customers who visit. They can develop forms for you to input your name and information about your industry and create postcards, 3D mailers, digital prints and brochures. They can make all of these advertising sources personalized with the customer names, giving each an individualized PURL to visit, so companies can track what individuals have clicked on their websites, see what pages they visit, and what advertisements they came into contact with. This gives companies an edge on what consumers are really interested in.

Later on, they give tips about how to increase sales and interest response rates from consumers, insisting that responding within 5 minutes (when applicable) gets a 22% greater response. They insist you can increase your sales in 1 week, by responding to customers.

I found this podcast interesting and informative! It’s new information to me, so maybe it would be helpful for you to see too! If you liked this, rate it a thumbs-up! :o)


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