T.O.W. 14–> Reaction to “5-Steps to Multimedia Story-Telling” on NEWSU

This week we used NEWSU’s “5-Steps to Multimedia Story-Telling” at https://www.newsu.org/node/338

What I learned:

  • How to:
  1. … Chose a Story- pick a story that is multidimensional, non-linear, and that is creative!
  2. … Make a Storyboard- a storyboard helps you find the perimeters of your story and organize your thoughts before writing. NEWSU suggest three tips for doing this: DEFINE the elements, IDENTIFY the media, and STORYBOARD the concept.
  3. … Report with Multimedia – make sure you have all the necessary tools to be ready to report and gather info! See: https://www.newsu.org/node/342
  4. … How to Edit for the Web – How do you edit material for video, audio, photography, and graphics? See: https://www.newsu.org/node/345
  5. Producing the Story – The website suggested using different types of templates, so your readers don’t get bored with the same format!

What surprised me:

What I would like to know more about:

  • “Identifying holes in your story” was a tip I read on the website under the Storyboard section. I would like to know more about how to better spot when you have a “hole” in your work and how to go back and support your copy, to make a better understood and more effective piece of work.

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