T.O.W. 16–> “What advice would you offer PR students who are new to blogging?”

This week we were asked:
“What advice would you offer PR students who are new to blogging?”

Here is my TOP 10 tips for blogging!

10.) Blog about subjects that are useful or unique! Make it personal, but newsworthy!

9.) Write something that will can entertain, educate, inform, or persuade! If it’s not something you would want to sit down and read, what makes it something that someone else would sit down and read?

8.) If you are going to blog about an opinion- DO YOUR RESEARCH! Research may open doors that allow your opinions to be changed or questioned. Have an answer for any reader’s potential questions. Don’t leave holes in your work!

7.) Use effective blog titles! The title get’s your reader interested and prepared to read whatever it is you have provided them. So, keep it simple, but be thorough! Grab attention! Be Descriptive by using key words!

6.) Blog about something that ACTUALLY interests you. Nothing is worse than reading something that the author didn’t even enjoy writing- it shines through!

5.) Use descriptive language! Add lots of details! A good metaphor never hurt anyone! :0)

4.) Add videos, photography and graphics to your blog to make it more effective! A picture can speak a thousand words….. a blog with a picture can speak millions!

3.) Don’t forget to blog! As human nature will have it, we start things we don’t finish. Blogs are an on-going update on what you want to say and what you want people to hear. Even if you don’t have a mind-blowing blog topic that could entertain for days, remember that sometimes the simple little blogs about the small things in life, can be just as meaningful. But that’s just the trick- make sure it is meaningful! :0)

2.) Know your audience! As a PR major, I have heard this phrase about a 1000 times, but it’s so true! Write accordingly to who will be reading your blog. Always explain things, as if your reader has no idea what your topic is about.

1.) If all else fails and you are stuck in some serious writer’s block, use these websites to guide your blogging abilities!




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