Reactions to “Language of the Image” on NEWSU

This week for my PRCA 3330 Public Relations Writing class, we were instructed to take an online course through Poynter University’s “NEWSU” site.

The direct link to this week’s course, can be found at:

Here are my reactions to this course, using the three-pronged approach:

What I learned

  • There are three types of images: Informational (picture gives information that a writer can not fully describe), Active (real people in real time) and Passive (Tip: should always be known to reader that it is passive and not trying to portray an active photo).

What surprised me

  • How many different types of photography affects there are! Some of the ones talked about on the website include: graphic, quality of light, emotion, juxtaposition, mood, sense of place, point of entry, impact, rule of thirds, perspective, surprise, layering, moment, and personality portrait.

What I want to know more about

  • The last part of the course describes the different approaches you can take to get and image for the same news story. Depending on the angles and what is included in the picture, how its lighted, etc- you can create different moods or understandings for what you are taking pictures of. I would like to know more about how to create these different photography effects and get back behind a camera to test it out- because it has been far too long!

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