T.O.W. 9 –> “PR Open Mic” on NEWSU

This week we got to explore the “PROpenMic” website, and report on what the site has to offer to PR students and recent grads. These are some of my findings and if you care to check it out yourself, go to http://www.propenmic.org!

  • So, what is PROpenMic? Well, it’s a “social-networking site [dedicated to connecting] students, faculty and practitioners, for worldwide connections and learning.” Essentially, a boiling pot of every type of person that uses and wants to improve or share their PR ideas, tips and opinions.

So, here are some of the cool features PROpenMic offers their users, that could be effective tools for PR students and recent grads:

  • http://www.propenmic.org/page/jobsinternships-main
  • The above site is a link to PROpenMic’s job and internships page. It provides students and recent grads to search for jobs and internships, have a place for companies and businesses to see their profile pages/skills/resumes, there are links to other popular and useful sites (such as Twitter’s Job Search page), you can view posted resumes to hire or network with people, and also provides an area where you can have any PR job/internship questions answered.
  • http://www.propenmic.org/page/groups-events
  • At the above site, you can create and event or a group to add to your personality profile. Groups allow people with similar interests to be a part of a “group” where it is set up like a forum for people to discuss the group topic, load pictures, and share their thoughts and opinions on the given topic. For example, people who like to read the “The Onion” news magazine could make a group and add other people who also read it, or those who might be interested, and discuss their opinions on news articles in the magazine or whatever. An event, however, could be any type of gathering you want to promote to your online friends. Say for instance, you wanted all your “Onion” readin’ buddies together for a book-club style meeting, to talk about the latest issue–> you could set up the event on your PROpenMic account, invite your friends, and WAH-LAH! You just threw your first online-invite-event! This is an easy way for PR students and recent grads to stay connected with people in their field or from school, to make sure they are all staying connected and continuing to network outside of just the website!
  • http://www.propenmic.org/profiles/blog/list
  • At the above site, PR students and recent grads can use this site as a blog. Blogs are great because you can use them to discuss literally everything! They can be personal blogs about your life experiences, thoughts and opinions (which is a great way to show friends/peers/teacher/practitioners/potential-bosses your personality. On the contrary, you can also write blogs to show your opinions on any kind of information you want to report. Say you see a news article that you like/dislike, you can post it to your blog, write your opinion and thoughts about it, and share it with your friends! Blogging can be a great way to keep your creative juices flowing and get your “thoughts out on paper”…..or should we say “thoughts out, in digital formatting”….?? haha :o)

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