Ch 15–>”Direct Mail and Advertising”

I included this video of a Guinness advertisement- just because….it’s really cool ;o) lol. I thought it could go along with the Advertising portion of this chapter!


Notes and Thoughts from:
“Public Relations: Writing and Media Techniques” by Dennis Wilcox
(I use the 5th edition, in case you see references to page numbers )

Chapter 15- Direct Mail and Advertising

What I learned:

  • “Unlike news releases, which are sent to media editors for possible use, direct mail is a cost-effective form of access media. That is it reaches people as direct communication from the organization.” – page 431, 5th edition
  • Advantages of direct mail include targeting your communication to specific individuals, personalization, and cost-effectiveness. Disadvantages include imaging emails as junk mail, useless information, and information overload!
  • How to Create a Direct Mail Package (page 435, 5th edition)- The 5 main components include: mailing envelope, letter, basic brochure, reply card and return envelope.

What surprised me:

  • How many types of Public Relations advertising there is! There is image building, investor/financial relations, public service announcements,  advocacy/issues, and announcements.
  • page 457–> “Busy layouts often pull better than neat ones. One split-run test showed busy layouts out-pulling neat ones by 14 percent.”

What I want to know more about:

  • How to Plan a Direct Mail Package. The book give tips on page 439 about how defining your audience, keeping your ideas clear and pertinent, as well as pre-testing your campaign are all ideas to keep in mind while planning a direct mail package. Who do you send them to? Is there a way to check-up, to see if they have been viewed? What kind of information do you include?
  • How to make your fund-raising letter seem professional and not demanding? There are some tips on page 441 about how to write a fund-raising letter, but they seem mostly like common sense. How do you make it an emotional letter but also not seem like a sob-story? Where do you draw the line for whats too-much, or not-enough?


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