Ch 9–> “Radio, Television, and Webcasting”

Notes and Thoughts from:
“Public Relations: Writing and Media Techniques” by Dennis Wilcox
(I use the 5th edition, in case you see references to page numbers ;))

Radio, Television and Webcasting

What I learned:

When writing a Radio News Release:

  • Stories should be no longer than 60 seconds
  • Use the smallest possible number of words and avoid legal speak
  • Never start a story with a name

What surprised me:

  • The preferred length for an ANR is one minute
  • 2 lines = 10 seconds, which is about 25 words

What I want to know more about:

  • Radio Media Tours– the book defines them as a spokesperson conducting a series of round-the-country, one-on-one interviews from on central location, which are pre-booked with DJs. I want to know, do they do Radio Media Tours in the same fashion that they would conduct a television series, for instance?

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