What to NOT do when you quit a job…

Remember good ‘ol Jenny and her clever way of quitting….think again. I suggest if you ever quit, you remember that sometimes biting your tongue and moving on is a better option.


Her former boss:


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loves a good bike ride, cooking a tasty vegetarian meal, planting flowers, walking the dog, and making art (and cupcakes!) :o)
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2 Responses to What to NOT do when you quit a job…

  1. melmomorris says:

    I have not seen this before, but I just laughed out loud and woke up my puppy and my fiancé!! I worked for a man who I would have liked to have done that to one time. I think he was worse though than her boss. He was older and didn’t even know how to use a computer, so he couldn’t function without me. It was miserable. I’m glad people still have a sense of humor though, even though this wasn’t the best way to handle things. It wasn’t appropriate, but sure is funny. I love how he retaliated back. Perfect. Ha! 🙂

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