PR Connection 9–> “10 Top Photography Composition Rules”

So, as I was procrastinating by “Stumbling” the internet, I came across the website by Amateur-Snappers, which has photography tips, tricks and tutorials!

The specific blog I came across is entitled, “10 Top Photography Composition Rules” which I thought was great since we recently went over Chapter 7 in our Public Relations books, which talks about photos and graphics!

This website is really neat in that it has a wide variety of picture-type categories you can select from and it’s not JUST pictures- there are blogs about great tips, how to achieve different looks from angles and lighting, and just all-around good-stuff about photography. It would be helpful to those who are not as familiar with photography, help moderate photographers brush up on their how-to-do’s, and provide experienced learners with a place to share their knowledge and learn about new technology.

I suggest you give it a look and see for yourself just how helpful this site can be!!

Also, Here is a video below some of the best photography over the past 100 years! It’s pretty nifty and has a good song playing….what’s not to enjoy?


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2 Responses to PR Connection 9–> “10 Top Photography Composition Rules”

  1. melmomorris says:

    LO! I love this. I like to think of myself as a novice photographer…very novice. 🙂 This site was interesting to visit and read through after our reading we did. It really does give you some great pointers and ideas. It is so true that a picture speaks 1000 words. They can have so much meaning and sentiment. 🙂

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