Okay, it’s just about ready!

Click the pic to visit my online portfolio!

Still needs a few more touches, but here it is so far…

the one…

the only…

Online résumé and portfolio of, ME, Lauren “Lo” Woodward!
Check it Out!! I would love some feedback, which you can do on the website!!


+ Peace, Lo


About misslowoodward

loves a good bike ride, cooking a tasty vegetarian meal, planting flowers, walking the dog, and making art (and cupcakes!) :o)
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3 Responses to Okay, it’s just about ready!

  1. stethomas says:

    Wow this is amazing! I like that you have all the papers you’ve written, events that you’ve planned etc on this site. It’s easy for employers to print off a copy of your resume and see that you know a lot about social media. It’s also a great way to market yourself. You’ve inspired me to create my own web page 🙂

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