Interviews with PR Practitioners–> take notes!

Hey everyone! For an assignment in my PR Practicum class (not the usual PR writing I blog about) I had to look up some videos of PR Practitioners being interviewed and write a paper on it. I made this quick blog so my teacher (Hey Mrs. Andrews!) and all of you guys (friends & peers) can check these out! They are actually very helpful to watch because it gets you thinking of how to approach someone who is usually interviewing you, lets you get the insight on the business behind PR, and what skill it really takes in the work-force.

Well, here they are! Enjoy :o)

1.) This first video I tried to post was from our very own teacher, Barbara Nixon’s website, I couldn’t get the video to embed so here is the link:




Time from videos:
1.) 2 min, 41 sec
2.) 5min, 30 sec
3.) 4min, 06sec
4.) 5min, 50sec


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