How to write better email copy

Just stumbled the site,, and found out how to write better email copy. You can too! Check it out! :o)


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loves a good bike ride, cooking a tasty vegetarian meal, planting flowers, walking the dog, and making art (and cupcakes!) :o)
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3 Responses to How to write better email copy

  1. ilovepr1540 says:

    I love stumbleupon! Stumbling is so much fun and so educative. I learn new things every single day. It also helped me find blogs to comment on that involve public relations or marketing.

    About the comment you left me on my page, I think that that is cool that she wrote a post about that. I can definitely see where inexpensive would just trigger me to think of expensive. I will have to go comment on her post!

  2. bet365 says:

    Good day I was luck to come cross your blog in baidu
    your post is superb
    I learn much in your theme really thank your very much
    btw the theme of you site is really terrific
    where can find it

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