About Me

Things & Activities that describe “Lo”……Here we go: I am slowly but surely learning to play the drums, keyboard, and harmonica; I like to crochet and am currently working on a halter-top; I dig takin’ snazzy pix of tasty-vegetarian cuisine I invent and posting it for everyone else to marvel at; I read my horoscope 2-3 times a week and on the days it says good stuff- I believe in them; I don’t ever pay full price for clothing- Goodwill rocks; I love suduku, jigsaw and crossword puzzles; I enjoy a long road trip every now and again; My bicycle is my new best friend; I love my dogs; Austin, Texas will always be “home,” and finally–> I can bake a cupcake to fit any mood.


3 Responses to About Me

  1. When are you gonna come to Austin/SA again woman? I misses you.

    • i miss you too! and soon i hope ;o) i miss you times infinity and beyond!!!!! (but forget buzz lightwhatever, i’m woody! no really…..woodward….woody…..lo woody? its catchy, both my first and last “nick names” haha) ❤

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