1.) Alicia Addison on 9.15.2010

“Nice! I like WSP too and the Allman Brothers are good too! I haven’t been able to go to a concert in ages and I would totally love to get out and go to one, especially WSP! I am from Austin, Texas, which is the Live Music Capital of the World!! If you ever go out to the mid-west, check it out for some good music!”

2.) Cait Bailey on 9.15.2010

“I see people, young and old, and I just want to know where in the heck this trend came from? Is it just a word-of-mouth thing, or something from a movie, cartoon, something? lol. I must seem so out-of-the-loop. But I miss all the trendy kid stuff, ya know? Like, do you remember pogs and slammers?”

3.) Alicia Decoste on 9.15.2010

“Oh my gosh. That sucks! I have heard of a story of which someone had typed what they thought was “Public Relations” in a subject headline to someone and they had actually typed “Pubic Relations” hahaha!! I hope I never have one of those stories to tell!”

4.) Kendra Etheridge on 9.15.2010

“Oh my gosh I literally shed a tear on this one. I live at home and take care of my Nana and I know my time I have left with her is limited, so your blog hit SO close to home for me. If you think about it though, it just shows that whatever life lessons and memories you had with your grandma, they were so significant, that there was a reason that day was chosen for her- to force you to remember how much she loved you and all the good times you shared  ) I am sorry for your loss, but in the light of this comment, Happy Birthday! Don’t forget to make a b-day wish!!

P.S. My Nana’s b-day is just around the corner, too! It is onNovember 7th. She will be 94  )”

5.) Peter Grantham on 9.15.2010

“I haven’t heard that podcast, but I will have to give it a listen because I am a bit of a sailor too! I have censored myself more in the past two years because I used to be real bad about swearing, but its rare I use drop a F-Bomb nowadays unless I am peeved, or stub my toe. But some words like “damn” and “crap” I just feel have no verbal value anyway, so why is it so offensive to some people?”

6.) Melissa Morris on 10.22.2010

OMG! I LOVE SCRABBLE! I am such a dork- I have always liked word games/puzzles and Scrabble is definitely one of my top favorite board games of all time! I would love to have a giant Scrabble board-especially at work! I think that providing employees with a work-related “fun” activity to get their minds jogging is a great idea! I know that whenever I take breaks from my long research papers, I always go online to Yahoo games to play “Literati” which is just like Scrabble. Taking yourself away from the work place, but still having to use those brainstorming skills in a word-related way, would help me take the edge off for a little bit, but when I got back to work, I was able to better recall synonyms for common words because I had just been practicing forming works and thinking of word-choice possibilities. I think this more recent trend of interactive “fun” offices is a really smart way to encourage creativity among staff and allow peers to bond!“


7.) Kison Turner on 11.18.2010

Hey there! I like the layout of your blog- looks nice! Just coming through to comment people in my class before the semester is up and wanted to see what your page was all about. The first thing though that caught my eye was that you had all your comments as individual posts. I have taken Nixon before and she asks us to post all our comments in one blog together. You could do two options:


1.) Copy and past all your comments into a new blog post. Click ‘edit’ under post when you need to add new comments, then just delete the individual comment blogs.


2.) What I found useful on my blog was that on the left hand side of your main dashboard-screen, there is a tab called “Pages.” If you click it, press add new, type “Comments” or whatever for a title, then add all your comments in that page. When viewers go to your webpage, there will be a tab at the top of your page in a heading that says “Comments.” I like it because it keeps my page cleaned up.


I hope this helps! I will have to take a look at some of your other blogs too! Keep up the good work :o)

8.) Linda Silfes on 11.18.2010

I really enjoyed this article! It was very interesting! I really liked #4–> be positive, not negative. It is so true about that dental example they gave about the word “painless.” I find advertisements with the “negative” connotation of a word, all the time! You would be so surprised! But this rule is important as public relations practitioners too because if we are running a campaign, for example, and we are trying to stress that a solution to _x_ problem is to buy _x_ product, which is “inexpensive,” you hear that word “expense” and it makes you lose interest and contact with your audience. But by using words like “economical,” you add positive emphasis. Good job with this! I like your blog :o)

9.) Samantha Shockley on 11.18.2010

I just left a comment on our classmate, Linda’s blog (, and about Hemmingway’s tips to become a better writer. Number 4 was about “being positive, not negative” and the examples they gave were like, if you know you are trying to promote low cost of a product, don’t say “inexpensive,” say “economical.” The reason why is because you hear “expensive” within that word, which still triggers negative thoughts despite the “in” in front of it. The other example they gave was, if you were telling someone about the dentists office and you say “oh, it was painless” all that person thinks about is the word “pain” within the word. I thought this was an important tip for public relations people because if we are trying to communicate with our audience, we need to be aware of what we say and how it is interpreted. You should check out her blog and leave her a comment about how you have a blog about something along the same topic  )

10.) Shelby Narwold on 11.18.2010

I was unaware of the story that TI helped a suicidal person off a skyscraper.  That is good news, but a strange story. That is great that he did that, but I really wonder what his intentions were: to be a superhero to get out of his legal issues, or to be a superhero to someone who wouldn’t have backed off any other way. It’s incredible the stories your hear about celebrities now-a-days.

11.) Stefani Mardar on 11.18.2010

OMG! I am incredibly jealous! As soon as I walk in May, I still have two more classes to take in summer, along with my internship. I wish I had time to go on a vacation! Especially here! I have always wanted to go! I hope you have a great time- I am sure you will! What a treat after making it through a year of pure Senioritis :o) haha. I have never been out of the country. I need to hit my parents up with a vacation idea for me when I am officially done in August! lol


12.) Amy Green on 11.18.2010

I know I am tired of reality TV and I don’t even have cable anymore and haven’t for a year! Just hearing people babbling about shows like Jersey Shore just blows my mind. As well as seeing status updates on Facebook like, “Jersey Shore power hour!” I’m sorry, but you have a handful of people, none originally from New Jersey, make a show in New Jersey, but then make a new season in Florida?? What is that all about? I just don’t understand what could be so entertaining about watching people drink, dry-hump and get in outrageous fits, as if they are top-dog. Don’t get me wrong, having not seen any of this, I could be totally missing out on something 4.4million other people are watching because it is actually interesting, but I am willing to take that risk, lol :o)



13.) Joy Raybon on 11.18.2010

I noticed during the previous breast cancer awareness month, that Georgia Southern University had a lot of t-shirts in the University store to help support the cure to cancer. My favorite was the guys t-shirt that said, really big on the front, “I love ta-tas!” lol ;o)


I think silly things like this are a great and heartfelt way to help get people involved in your campaign. I just thought I would share because I thought it was pretty cute.


14.) Julianna Rabeler on 11.18.2010

I never watch TV (seriously, like EVER), but the tube just happened to be turned on to Oprah the other day and Whoopie came on to promote a new book, but of course in the midst of all that, they had to talk about this incident. I just watched on YouTube the whole scandalous interview and that was pretty ballsy of Bill. When Whoopi was talking to Oprah, she made a good point in saying that she was aware she lost her temper, but she had no remorse for walking off stage because at the moment, if she hadn’t it would have gotten more heated and been a worse situation. It was appropriate of her to return and continue in the discussion, so at least there is that. I can’t believe the audacity of some people though. We have to be careful how we state our opinions.


15.) Katie Stambeck on 11.18.2010

This was an interesting find! I like that you have this because I think a lot of people, including PR people, probably use the terms interchangeably, when really they shouldn’t be. I like that you were able to find some clear cut definitions of public relations and publicity, that are clearly defined.



16.) Kendra Etheridge on 11.18.2010

Hey there, again! I was going through our classes blog’s to do some last minute commenting and I didn’t recognize your blog at first until I got to this blog, since I remember commenting on it so long ago. I am happy to say that my grandmother turned 94 and it doing swell :o) My poor grandpa on my dad’s side though just had a pace-maker put in today after having been rushed to the ER last week with a heart attack and then having pneumonia all week. I am hoping to hear he recovers okay, and soon! I can’t believe in September I commented on this and it is already almost December! Where does time go?


17.) M on 11.18.2010





18.) Natalie Baldwin on 11.18.2010

I liked this article. I have never heard of Booshaka or IceRocket and have only briefly heard of Flowtown before. I am glad I came across this because just recently I was listening to podcast of a PR practitioner who said that apparently the top-four social sites (according to him: FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn) make up 50-60% of his companies main platform to gain awareness from consumers. I understand you have to go to where the consumers are, but my goodness, aren’t there any other sites we can utilize besides Facebook and YouTube? I feel like that is all we have! I will have to check out these sites you mentioned….Thanks!



19.) Paige Walters on 11.18.2010

I am obsessed with StumbleUpon! It is great for when you are bored or need to have a brain-break for a bit….also a great way to procrastinate :o) lol. I wasn’t hesitant about using it at first, not understanding what the big deal was, but now I am hooked! It’s great because I learn so much that I probably would have never seen without it! I have turned so many people on to it. In fact, I recently learned you can follow your friends on your StumbleUpon page so that if they like something, you can check it out too! Pretty nifty stuff! Hope you enjoy “stumbling” :o)



20.) Samantha Glover on 11.18.2010

What incident are you talking about? I am aware of the Bieber Fever and his music and though I do catch myself swaying to it as I drive down the road, I can’t say I know about this PR/Beiber incident you are talking about. I agree with Alicia, who commented you first, that it is such a delicate situation taking a child out of their childhood and making them an international sensation. Though a wonderful experience in many aspects, the reality of what it can produce it saddening.




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  1. Sorry there has been a delay in the comments, you guys! A few weeks ago, my friend’s apartment was broken into and that is where my laptop was! It was stolen, but after a long and hard bit of bickering, enough word got around and it was returned! I have been able to do a lot of my blogs (like Chapter Reviews) at home on Microsoft then upload them when I got to an internet source….but with Midterms just flying by, it’s been a bit since I have been able to see what you guys are up to! We will change that very soon ;o)

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